7 MUST KNOW Tips for 1st Time Homebuyers

When you do anything for the first time, there is always something more to know. Michele’s experience in real estate spans over three decades, during which time she’s learned quite a few things. Being a first time homebuyer is exciting and fun, but comes with a degree of stress and a lot of unknowns, as well.
Check out her amazing tips you must know as a first time homebuyer, and remember, we’re always here to help guide you in your first or last sale! A good real estate agent is your most valuable asset!
1.  Check your credit: Knowing your credit score is the first step to home ownership. This gives you a good idea of your financial health and can give you markers on how to improve your score to get a better mortgage loan rate.
2. Determine a comfortable mortgage amount: This is more than just what a lender says. This is what you’re comfortable with. Your financial comfort is going to be paramount to your home being the most perfect place for you!
3.  Get pre-approved prior to viewing homes: In all honesty, not being pre-approved and looking at homes is a large waste of time for everyone. A pre-approval is going to give you the best idea what you can afford- and what you should be looking at.
4.  Evaluate assets & liabilities: Again, your financials are going to play a big role in your newest asset acquisition.
5.  Organize documents: Your income and past taxes will all come into play when you’re making this huge purchase! Having the past 5+ years of income and taxes ready to provide is important- especially if you’ve changed jobs in that time frame.
6.  Call our team for loan officer referral: 401-580-8672
7.  Once pre-approved do not make any large purchases: Your credit can be checked up until the day you close- this means throughout your application. Once you’ve started the process of buying a home, let that be what you’re doing- no new credit cards, no big purchases!
Always remember we will be with you from beginning of process to beyond closing da
we are here for you & your many questions.
Please contact Aliesha Noonan & Associates, 401-580-8672 for more!

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